Sunday, May 13, 2007

Most Important? The Syllabus

The previous Thursday evening I had a nice chunk of alone time, which I devoted to beginning the first "real" stage of creation of my online class.

I had already made some revisions to the Achievement Requirements (the part of the syllabus for the GSW program that clearly states the expectations of the course and of students enrolled in the course), so I thought I wouldn't have many revisions to make.

I was wrong.

I spent about 2 and half hours working through the fine details of Achievement Requirements (AR), making sure that those details were detailed in themselves. I should note that my f2f AR is fairly detailed, and I wanted to make my online AR just as much so. First, I added a section that discussed the layout of the the online class and my expectations of students in the online class. Also, I added a discussion board grade rubric, so online students would understand what I expect from discussion board posts. Also, I added a section that introduces myself to students, so they could get to know me. Finally, I created the Master Plan folders, which clearly state each paper cycle with the weeks included.

I had hopes that in two and half hours I could get through the first week of planning and uploading. Really, I only got through day one.

IDEAL wasn't kidding when they said you should plan to create an online course over the course of one semester--15 weeks. It may even take a little bit longer...depending on a lot of things...

I believe creating will be become quicker once I set a schedule and spend more time with it each day. I'm feeling positive!

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