Friday, August 10, 2007

Update 8/10/07

As of today I have six students enrolled in my ENG 111 Online course, according to my roster available through Blackboard.

And as of today I haven't gotten any news either way for if I'm teaching it or if its getting cut, which I see as a positive. (No news equals good news.)

I'm continuing to work on my ENG 112 online class, but the process is slow. I've been trying to decide on a textbook for the course. I think the one that I have been using is a bit outdated. My only problem is I haven't come across any other texts that seem "right" either. This road block has let to me a standstill. I need to figure out the text so I can revise the assignments, create reading discussions for the Discussion Board, and brainstorm ideas for incorporating multimedias with the readings.

Any recommendations for Research Writing texts that include information on Source Synthesis?

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